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Delivering the precision, craftsmanship and quality you need

From tissue, to nonwovens, towel, plastics and more, Northern Engraving and Machine provides solutions that bring our customers’ ideas to life.

As part of Paper Converting Machine Company, and the larger Barry-Wehmiller family, we offer support from our trusted team of professionals worldwide. This connection uniquely positions us with direct access to many of the engineers who design the machines that manufacture your products and their unparalleled knowledge.

Regardless of the application, by using our careful, time-tested process, we will supply you with the highest quality engraved embossing rolls in the industry.


Auto and Textile

Home Goods




Tissue and Towel

The list of embossing solutions is endless for automobiles and textiles, including simulated leather, side panels and dashboards.

From garage doors, flooring, siding, wallpaper and more, the potential applications for engraving home materials continues to grow. Whether you have an existing pattern that needs refreshing or are starting from scratch, let’s chat.

Ice cream wrappers, yogurt lids, and foil sheets are just some of the products that can benefit from effective pattern design. We can create both cosmetic and functional patterns for foils with ease.

Packaging, garbage bags, medical supplies and beverage bags are a few examples of plastic applications today that may require embossing options. Let us help you explore these options on your next project.

Similar to tissue and towel, we offer an understanding of nonwovens substrates that is second to none. Whether it’s wet wipes, moving blankets, cosmetic removers, or reusable wipes, we can help create the right engraving solution for you.

We understand engraving for toilet paper and kitchen towel better than anyone. Our unmatched expertise gives our customers peace of mind in knowing they’re partnering with someone who realizes how to maintain the bulk, stretch and softness of their products on store shelves.

Our Solutions

Providing real-world results before going to market 


Embossing Equipment

Our team of engineers will work with a variety of embosser platforms to adapt your roll size and configuration for converting any substrate material including heated applications.  Whether you have detailed specifications or simply an embossing need, we can provide equipment and engraved rolls for your specific application.


Roll Engraving, Fabrication, and Repair

Keeping your rolls in tip-top shape is our highest priority. And that starts with making only the highest quality rolls exquisitely engraved with your unique pattern.  Our robust machine shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, can support rolls up to 57 inches in diameter and 275 inches in length. We offer an array of cost-effective restoration options including roll inspection, pattern repair and improvement and roll straightening.

We’ve been engraving, fabricating and repairing rolls with care longer than any of our competition, giving you the peace of mind that you’re getting the very best.


Product Testing

Our converting solutions lab offers customer an optimal environment to test and tweak their products prior to releasing them in the marketplace. Whether you need to test new paper formulations and adhesives, or want samples for product testing, we can help. Equipped with the latest Rockwell Automation control package with PF 755 sectionalized drives, Kinetix 6500 servos and Guard Logix PLC, you can develop new products on our state-of-the-art rewinding equipment.

Our on-site test capabilities provide customers with immediate product quality analysis reports featuring bulk, caliper, strength and stretch.

Instant access to this kind of data allows for fast adjustments while running your trial, which saves you time and money, and ultimately gets your product to market more quickly.


Pattern Development

Complementing our full-featured test facility is our reputation for providing flawless pattern design. Much more than design for appearance, these patterns are developed to achieve specific results.

We take pride in our ability to develop patterns for all sheets. As structured sheets take hold in the marketplace, we rely on our strong relationships with key paper suppliers to best understand their delicate nature. These relationships, paired with our thorough understanding of the overall process for your line, sets us apart from our competition.

Our roots in tissue and towel give us an edge in other markets too.  It has fueled our expansion into numerous other markets that can benefit from our engraving technology as well.

Engraving Methods

Offering multiple methods to meet your needs

We understand taking a one-size-fits-all approach to engraving doesn’t always put the needs of our customers first, which is why we offer three different methods. Whether it’s conventional, matched or laser engraved, our rolls are meticulously engraved and durably designed for repeatability throughout their lifetime. As the first supplier in North America to offer laser technology, we continue to lead the industry with faster delivery times and more complex patterns.

Through our consultation process, our experts will help determine which method is the best for your end product and long-term success.


Laser engraving is the newest process for making embossing rolls and is used to etch a special coating that is applied to a steel roller. In addition to reduced lead times, laser engraving offers increased flexibility and reduced costs. As more customers continue to need this type of service to create rolls for their finished product, we added a second laser in our lineup to meet the ever-growing demand.


Match engraving is used to engrave two identical rolls or two identically opposite rolls. The process is used with hardened rolls and allow for non-continuous patterns.


Conventional engraving requires the creation of a special tool that is used to create the pattern in the final embossing roll. This tool is repeatedly placed on the roll, pressure is applied to it, and then moved until the full depth is achieved. This process allows for more precise replication of the pattern details.


Raising the bar on customer service

Standing behind all our rolls is our promise to serve you and service the equipment you rely on to keep your business moving. We offer a deep support structure – including service managers, engineers and OEM-trained technicians – to ensure you have the resources you need when you need them. Perhaps your registration is off, or your pattern needs repair. Or maybe you’re dealing with a bent roll. Whatever the challenge, we offer an array of service options to get you back up and running quickly.


Do you feel valued at the end of each day? Do you find your work meaningful? At Northern Engraving and Machine Company, we strive to offer every team member meaningful work that enables our employees to return home every day with a true sense of fulfillment.

With careers that encompass everything from machining to engineering, you’re sure to find a rewarding position that allows you to discover, develop, and share your gifts.

Our cultural vision statement, the Guiding Principles of Leadership, compels us to treat people superbly and compensate them fairly. One of the ways we do that is by ensuring competitive compensation for the effort, knowledge and the time our team members spend away from their families. Additionally, we offer a complete benefit and wellness package.

Our people-centric philosophy is simple: We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people. Are you one of those people?

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